Products Overview

Our products are proudly crafted by a team of experienced growers and engineers for plants! From small indoor gardens to acres of supplemented greenhouses, Highlight Ag Systems focuses on creating high performance and efficient lighting products in a user friendly manner to help your farm obtain consistent, high quality yields. We know the industry, we know the garden, and we know where improvements can be made. And now we have solutions for you. We take care of the environment, so you can get back to gardening! Also, be sure to check in with us often for new products.

We've felt your frustrations. Having been in the hydroponics industry for over 20 years we've felt them too. Our single mission, is to improve indoor growing environments. Our company was born with a solutions first approach. And that's what we will continue to do.  Solving your problems. Cheap manufacturing results in failure. Let's solve it. Lighting solutions that are too hot, or power consuming to run. Let's solve that. We are here to provide you with better solutions, because you deserve them. And we can make them happen. Grow with us!

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GH150 LED Grow Light System

Maximize your footprint! Our lighting solutions give you the ability to cover 2X more canopy than any other grow light on the market. The GH150 also gives you the least amount of sun shading, lowest maintenance costs, and most versatility. Along with smart lighting control capabilities and affordability, you simply cannot go wrong. Get the performance, coverage, and reliability you need today!