See Why We Offer The Best Greenhouse Light In the World

The worlds’ most efficient and brightest light for horticultural applications. Highlights are designed by growers for growers to give your plants what they need. Lights are designed for distributed architecture to allow perfectly uniform coverage for the entire canopy as well as excellent angular penetration below the canopy from all directions. At only 150 Watts each, Highlight GH150 produces more PAR light per watt than any other light in the world. GH150 typically output a total of 19,000+ PAR Lumens. This is about 20% more light than the premium brand HPS lights which consume 44% more power.

• Ultra High Efficiency 153+ PAR Lumens per Watt
• Lowest Operating Temperature of any fixture on the market
• Smallest sun shading of any fixture on the market (0.19 ft2 / 0.017 m2)
• Gently warms plant leaves and eliminates thermal stress on plants
• Drastically reduces operating costs and HVAC costs in indoor applications
• Long Life – American LEDs – 3 Year Full Warranty
• Dimmable from 100% down to 10% (easy install option)
• Easily configurable to any footprint indoor, greenhouse or outdoor farm
• Modular, Fast, Simple, inexpensive installation to accommodate any growing area
• Waterproof IP68 connectors + IP68 Power Supply
• Auto-switching 100V to 277VAC
• Designed and made in Silicon Valley, California, USA

Par Lumens Per Watt

To understand why this is an important number, we first have to understand two of the terms we just used. "Par" and "Lumens Per Watt".

Measuring Light (Par, lux, and lumens)